The minute you say the word 'fashion' you can see in your mind glamorous models sashaying on the ramp one behind the other, and you can hear the shutterbug go "click click click!" The fashion industry in New york City alone is responsible for the employment of over 150,000 people, representing more than 5% of the working people of NYC. The fashion industry is responsible for a turnover of almost $9 billion as wage yearly. The tax revenue generated by the fashion industry totals to more than $1.5 billion. More than 200,000 people flock to NYC every year for the Fashion Week to see models walk down the ramp wearing creations of designers.

Now just imagine being a part of all this. better still, being one of those girls wearing those designer creations and having all those shutterbugs go "click click click!" at. Feeling dizzy? Get a grip! Being a runway model is awesome! But not everyone who dares to enter this field makes it big. Find out in this article, what it takes to be good. and to leave every single person in the audience with his/her mouth wide open!

It is the one thing that can make or break your career as a runway model. You have got to walk the walk and from your very first walk too! That does not mean you strut in through the doors like a model right when you go for your auditions. But when you are out there on the ramp, you have to walk like you rule the world. Do it in style, do it with confidence and do it like you've been doing it for years. A good way to improve your walk would be to practice at a gym or a dance studio. The advantage of doing this is you can view your walk from every angle and know exactly how you are going to look to every person sitting in the audience. To get an even better perspective, have your friends sit around and give you feedback.

You are not walking into a room full of family and friends. When you walk the ramp, you are out there, where millions of girls aspire to be everyday. How many of them actually make it? Only a few. Does that make you feel happy? NO. It should make you feel proud. That is where your attitude will come from. Keep it drastic. Walk with your shoulder back, chest out and stomach in. As for your expressions remember Miranda Priestly? Devil Wears Prada? That is who you have to be. Only remember one important thing Miranda Priestly could speak, you can't on the ramp. Your face and your body language has got to do all the talking for you.


Before you decide to employ yourself as a model, try and experiment with as many different outfits, fashion trends, cuts, fits, necks, straps, belts, tops, bottom as you can. And of course, all this on heels. You cannot be a model and say "I won't wear plunge necklines and I don't like bold colors". Fashion designers celine handbags online are going to choose to exhibit their months and probably years of backbreaking painstaking efforts on you, on your body. You cannot be choosing at least not till you become the next Gisele Bndchen may be. So get accustomed to wearing all prints, all colors and all possible fashions; definitely the regular ones, and also the unusual ones. Be ready for some skin show. Spaghetti straps and tubes are a pass as long as the fashion industry is considered. Fashion is becoming bolder and more expressive every season be ready to sport it.